4 June 2020
Wind Power

The availability of wind power varies greatly by location. Where wind is constant, it can prove to be a reliable source of grid-tied and off-grid power. However where winds are sporadic, wind power may not be economically feasible. Wind power works well when used in a combination with other forms of alternative energy to complement its variability.

Aurora power and Design offers many wind power services such as site evaluation, configuration design, installation and maintenance. We also offer wind data acquisition services for large wind farm installations/operations.

If you would like help determining if your location is a good candidate for wind power, or if you would like an estimate please contact us.

Feel free to browse wind turbines in our online store and contact us if you have any questions.

Photo of snow covered anemometer
Can I install a wind turbine in the city? Minimize
Though small wind turbines are often not restricted in residential areas, we do not recommend customers install wind turbines in the city or suburbs for several reasons:

  1. The wind is much slower in town and even a very large turbine will produce very little power.
  2. Wind turbines need space; 40ft clearing in all directions minimum for reasonable power production.
  3. Mounting on a roof is not an option as vibrations in the turbine will cause a tremendous amount of noise for the occupants.
  4. Guy wire towers are not an option because they take up a lot of space.
  5. The cost of installation is much greater than the payback at the low wind speed.

For residents of the city and suburbs we strongly recommend that you consider other alternative energy options such as solar electric or solar hot water.
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