9 April 2020
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Solar Powered Delta-T Differential Temperature Controller with Digital Display
Price $212.00
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Solar Differential Temperature Controller


The Delta-T controller is a differential temperature thermostat designed specifically to regulate the operation of a solar thermal system.

The DTC-D is specifically designed for solar heating applications where the collector circulation pump is powered from a solar (PV) panel, or optionally, battery power or any 12VDC source. Its purpose is to ensure that the collector circulation pump is only activated if the collector is hotter than the storage tank. The differential setting is adjusted to compensate for the temperature drop of the plumbing between the collector and heat exchanger, or storage tank. The maximum temperature limit can be set for the storage tank to prevent excess temperature in the

tank, the pump will shut off and optionally an audible warning can be set. Additionally, if collector temperature drops below 35°F an audible freeze warning can be set. The pump can be programmed to continue to circulate (with battery power) until the temperature rises above 35°F to prevent plumbing from freezing.

Installation Manual

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