6 April 2020
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Solar Mixing Valve 1/2"
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A solar mixing valve, also commonly called an anti-scald valve is used to prevent extremely hot solar heated water from traveling to your faucets and showers. Since solar hot water can reach scalding temperatures of 212 degrees Fahrenheit; this component is a necessity for every solar hot water system.

The valve is simply connected to the solar hot water tank, the cold supply, and the hot water line heading through the home. The hot connects the valve inlet labeled "hot", the cold to "cold", and the home usage line connects to "mix".

Reliable solder/sweat connections ensure that your system is leak free, the first time around. With the large repetitive changes in temperatures these valves experience threaded connections will tend loosen and start to leak. This is why we only offer solder/sweat type mixing valves for use on solar hot water systems.

If your home is plumbed with pex tubing, make sure that at least 2 foot of copper is used to extend out from the valve before being adapted to pex tubing. This will ensure that high temperature hot water on the other side of the valve does not conduct down the line and melt your pex tubing.

The mixed temperature can be adjusted between 120°F to 160°F.
Maximum Pressure is 150psi.
This valve is well suited for use with both domestic hot water and propylene glycol.

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