7 December 2019
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SolarSheat 1000G
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The SolarSheat 1000G is an affordable and modular solar air heater designed for supplemental room heating. The SolarSheat 1000G can heat a room from 71 to 300 ft2 (or 7 to 28 m2) when the sun is shining. Air is drawn through the SolarSheat, heated up, and pushed back into the room.

  • Energy procuction of 8000 BTU/DAY
  • Dimensions 87"X 43.15" X 3.8"
  • Weight 82 lbs
  • Aluminum construction
  • Temperd glass galzing
  • Thermal insulation Polyisocyanurate
  • Can be roof or wall mounted. (Angles higher than 45 degrees are recommended to capture winter sun.)
  • 5 year manufacture warranty on collector
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