1 April 2020
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APM hydro turbines up to 1800 watts
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Prices starting at $1900!    Please contact us for pricing!

APM hydro turbines are built in two parts to make jet changes and maintenance as easy as possible. The bottom half containing the water box, nozzles and jets, piping and/or manifold is intended to be mounted down permanent. The top half rests on top of the bottom half and is sealed by a rubber sheet insulator. Four wing nuts hold it down. It takes about 2 minutes to change jet sizes.

The water box mounts over a 14” X 14” square hole. Water discharge is out the bottom. The water box is available in one thru four nozzle versions with or without valves and several different manifold or pipe options. Standard jet sizes are from .125" to .760” with best efficiencies falling between .250” and .620”.

The pelton wheel is made of a structural polymer known under the trade name DELRIN which resists wear from silt and sand. It wears at about 1/5th the rate of bronze runners. Optional pelton wheels are made of 416 stainless and are also more efficient but they are more expensive.

The power head (top half) comes in about 250 different versions at present to best match your site potential. The most popular units are of course the Permanent Magnet models with higher efficiency and almost no maintenance. Model 1032 and 1038 are built in such a manner that magnet strength adjustment is unnecessary except rarely. Enhanced models 1000, 1200, 1400, 1800 which feature stronger magnets and thicker stators which can improve efficiencies and make larger outputs possible.

Included on standard turbines:
  • sundry parts kit and jet assortment.
  • spare peltonwheel to eliminate down time if the DELRIN runner breaks.
  • 3 year warranty

Stock power heads available:

Group 1: automotive sized wound field alternators, most with special components using rheostat control. Brush and bearing replacement is recommended yearly under continuous use. Available in 12, 24, and 48 volt DC.

Group 2: Similar to group 1 except truck size alternators using larger bearings. Available in 12, 24, and 48 volt DC. Brush and bearing replacement is recommended at two year intervals under continuous use. Several brushless versions are available.

Group 3: Our best performing class of wound field rheostat controlled alternators having excellent output characteristics. Up to 3300 watt potential at 48 volt. Available in 12, 24, 48, and 120 volt DC.

Model 1032 PM: An entry level permanent magnet alternator. These are single phase and have about the same efficiency as the large frame Ford alternators that have been used for years. Very low maintenance and easy to use and install. They perform best for 12 and 24 volt DC applications but can be used at 48 and 120 volt DC and also wild frequency 120 to 480 volt AC for long distance transmission using a step down transformer/rectifier unit sold separately. We have built a number of these for dedicated loads like base board heating units. 500-750 watt maximums are possible depending on voltage. Electrically isolated with outdoor PVC junction box for maximum safety.

Model 1038 PM: Our most popular permanent magnet alternator up until now. A 3-phase stator offering 20-30% more output than a comparable wound field unit. Available in 12 to 480 volts AC or DC. The AC models are wild frequency for use with a step down transformer/rectifier for long distance transmission to a battery based system. The step down unit is sold separately. They are MPPT controller compatible. Electrically isolated with outdoor PVC junction box. Magnet strength is adjustable but rarely needed and not usually supplied. Optional 6, 12, and 24 wire reconfigurable stators are also available for applications with highly variable flow rates. The 24 wire unit is intended for stocking dealers to cover about 90% of the applications from 10 amp to 66 amp for 12-120 volt systems. 900-1100 watt maximums are possible depending on voltage.

Model 1000 PM: This is an enhanced version of model 1038 featuring a stronger magnet rotor which can improve efficiencies in some of the lesser applications and increase maximum potential to almost 1200 watts. 12 wire reconfigurable stator.

Model 1200 PM: This is an enhanced version of model 1000 featuring a thicker stator which can improve outputs and efficiencies up to 1350 watts in some of the better applications. 12 wire reconfigurable stator.

Model 1400 PM: This is an enhanced version of model 1000 featuring the thickest stator possible which can improve outputs and efficiencies up to 1700 watts in the better applications. 12 wire reconfigurable stator.

Model 1800 PM: This is the next step up after model 1400. Physically larger alternator exhibiting some impressive efficiencies. 12 wire reconfigurable stator. Outputs in excess of 1800 watts are possible. Not appropriate for the smallest hydro sites.

No two hydro systems are the same. Aurora Power & Design will optimize this turbine and make sure that it fits your needs prior to delivery.

To help you select the right turbine we will help you figure out your:
  • Battery voltage / load voltage
  • Electrical transmission line length and gauge
  • Flow rate
  • Head / Pressure
  • Pipe material, diameter and length

If you do not know how to measure or determine these values please do not hesitate to contact us.

Aurora Power & Design professionally installs hydro power systems throughout the western United States. If you would like an estimate for professional installation please contact us.

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