2 April 2020
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500W Low-Head Kaplan Hydro Turbine
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This Kaplan micro hydro turbine can produce power with as little as 2ft of water head level. At 10ft of head the turbine will produce 500 watts of power. This turbine produces half as much power and draws half as much water as the 1000W Kaplan.  This feature makes it a better choice for limited water flow applications. See table below for more production estimates.

This low head Kaplan turbine uses a brushless permanent magnet alternator with an adjustable voltage. Typical operating voltages are 12, 24, 48 or 120 volts. The turbine is designed to operate in conjunction with a  charge controller or  grid tied inverter to supply standard electrical appliances. 

The Kaplan turbine is a reaction turbine, which means that it is completely submerged in water during operation and can be as high as 20ft above the outlet. Water enters the through the turbine's multi-bladed wicket gate and spirals on to a propeller shaped runner, causing it to spin. The outlet is a specially shaped draft tube that helps decelerate the water and recover kinetic energy. The rotational energy of the shaft turns the generator which produces electricity.

One installation method is to channel water from a stream or river into a sluiceway and install a draft tube extending to the tailwater below. Aurora Power can recommend the best installation method for your application.

Aurora Power & Design professionally installs hydro power systems throughout the western United States. If you would like an estimate for professional installation please contact us.

Head[Feet] Flow Rate[GPM] Approximate Production [Watts] Minimum Pipe Size
2 225 35 8”
3 275 75 8”
4 320 125 8”
5 350 175 8”
6 390 235 8”
7 420 290 8”
8 450 355 8”
9 475 425 8”
10 500 500 10”

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