5 April 2020
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Kohler Home Standby Generators
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Your home is a busy place. And a commercial-grade KOHLER automatic home generator keeps that rhythm going by providing dependable protection during unexpected power outages. Available with 8.5 to 100kW output capabilities, KOHLER home generators provide worry-free emergency power to support your electrical needs for days, or even weeks. Clean, quiet, automatic backup power - just what your family needs to be safe and comfortable.

Automatic, hands-off operation

In the event of a utility power outage, the transfer switch - working in tandem with the generator - automatically starts the generator to restore power to the home, whether you're home or away.

Fast backup power

KOHLER home standby generators restore power within 10 seconds of an outage.

8.5-12kW Spec Sheet

14-20kW Spec Sheet

30kW Spec Sheet

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