5 June 2020
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MidNite Solar Radian Single E-Panel
Price $1,295.00
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This MidNite Solar RADIAN Single E-Panel is designed for single inverter installations. All Breakers on the upper left hand side. Brushed stainless steel door that matches the Radian inverter. Enclosure made from powder coated steel.

Includes: 120/240 VAC Input/Output bypass breaker, 2 - 175 amp battery breakers, AC IN 1 & AC IN 2 breakers, 500A/50MV shunt, AC Out busbar, AC IN 1 & AC IN 2 busbars, AC Neutral busbar, battery plus busbar, battery minus busbar, 2 PV positive busbars, ground busbar and 1 mounting bracket.(Charge controller bracket not included)

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