5 June 2020
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E-Panel for Outback with 125A Breaker & Extra-Wide Aluminum Chasis
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MidNite Solar OutBack E-Panel PLUS with an Extra-wide white aluminum chassis and 125A DC inverter breaker pre-installed. Wide configuration allows for both an OutBack inverter and a FM60/80/Classic to be mounted on the door.

All Outback E-Panels work with FX, VFX, GFX, and GVFX type inverters.

The MidNite Solar E-Panel is the quickest way to install OutBack inverters. They come standard with the basic over-current protection and disconnects required to install your renewable energy system. Listed to UL and CSA standards.

OutBack inverters mount on a unique hinged door to keep the footprint of the system as small as possible. They come standard with left-hand hinge, allowing the charge controller to mount on the right. Both left hand and right hand units available. If you would like a right hand unit, please specify so in the customer commentssection at checkout (ex "I would like a right hand E-Panel"). 

The STS version leaves room for the OutBack AC box with a surge arrestor for grid-tie applications and the AL-PLUS version has room to mount an inverter and MX60 on the door. Mounting brackets are included to aid in one-person installations. Main breaker, inverters cables, a 500-amp/50mv shunt for battery monitoring systems, 175-amp AC-power distribution block, 50-amp AC-input disconnect for generator or utility, 50-amp AC bypass switch are included and pre-wired. They come with a mounting bracket for an OutBack MX60. Cutouts for mounting up to six additional 13mm-wide DIN rail mount breakers are provided as well as a cutout for a GFCI-style AC outlet.The Stretched version (STS) utilizes the 14.5” wide chassis to provide 5” additional wiring room.

125 amp inverter breaker
Extra-Wide White Aluminum Chassis
Dimensions: 18 X 11 X 28
Weight: 26 Lbs.
Midnight E-Panel Model# MNE125AL-PLUS
For use with all Outback inverters

To complete your wiring, see our large selection Lightning arrestors, AC Breakers and DC breakers

We offer a full line of MidNite E-panels; if you do not see the one you are looking for please contact us.

This photo shows all the components included with the E-panel.

This photo shows an installed OutBack E-panel with OutBack inverter and charge controller in place.

This photos shows the installed wiring. Note that not all parts shown are included with the E-panel.

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