18 October 2019
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E-Panel for Magnum MS/RD series 250Amp 120VAC
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Designed for the Magnum Energy MS & RD series inverters. Gray steel box with 250a/125VDC inverter breaker pre-installed. 

The MidNite Solar E-Panel is the quickest way to install Magnum MS & RD series inverters. They come standard with the basic over-current protection and disconnects required to install your renewable energy system. Listed to UL and CSA standards.

The Magnum E-Panel comes with inverter breaker, 2/0 inverter cables, pre-wired AC input and bypass, 500amp 50mV shunt, AC terminal blocks, 100 amp DC positive and DC negative bus bars, PV input bus bar, din rails, 3 panel mount breaker knockouts, Ground bus bar, DC wiring cover, top shield, remote display mounting bracket, wall mounting brackets, charge controller bracket and lots of hardware and grommets.

Midnight E-Panel Model# MNE250STM

For use with:
MS2812 2800W Magnum Inverter
MS4024 4000W Magnum Inverter

Left hand and right hand units available for ease of installation and servicing.  Left hand versions have the hinge on the left, circuit breakers on the left and charge control bracket on the right.  Left hand unit will be provided unless specified in the customer comments section at checkout(ex "I would like a right hand E-Panel"). 

We offer a full line of MidNite E-panels; if you do not see the one you are looking for please contact us.

Enlarged images of the MNE175STM:
All parts shown in this image are included

Additional enlarged image of installed MNE250STM. The picture shows a 120VAC Magnum E-Panel wired with an AC input/outputand PV lightning arrestor, two 80 amp panel mount charge controlbreakers, the Magnum remote display and MPPT charge control bracket inplace. Note that not all of the parts displayed are included with the E-panel.  Also note that panel mountbreakers exit the opposite side as din rail mount breakers.

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