29 May 2020
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Delta-T 10,000 Ohm thermistor
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This 10,000 Ohm thermistor is used to detect temperatures in solar hot water systems. A system typically uses two thermistors, one on the collector and one on the storage tank. These sensors are connected to the Delta-T control unit to automatically operate the system circulating pump when your collectors are producing hot water.

Thermistor can be attached to plumbing with tape, zip-ties, hose clamps, or simply placed beneath the pipe insulation. It can also be fixed to ductwork or surfaces with a single screw. Direct contact to the surface being measured is nessicary for propper response times. Make sure that the thermistor is installed below all insulation. Once installed add some insulation on top of the thermistor; even if you didnt have any there to begin with. This will ensure for a good measurement and good response times for your controller. 

The sensors and controller are exeptionaly easy to install and configure. If you have any doubts or questions don't hesitate to contact us.

Replaces Heliodyne part number: SAS-10
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