29 May 2020
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Delta-T Solar Hot Water Controller, Hardwire Version
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For comparable stocked item please see the Steca Differential Controller.

Heliotrope Thermal Delta-T Solar Hot Water Controller
DTT-84 ( hardwire version ) DLTA 001 000

The Delta-T controller is a differential temperature thermostat designed specifically to regulate the operation of a solar hot water system.

Its basic function is to monitor collector and storage temperatures and to automatically turn a circulation pump or blower on or off at the appropriate temperature differentials. The controller can also provide additional functions, such as system freeze protection by recirculation, storage tank high limit shut off, or positive off when the collector is below 80°F.

Control does not include power cord or sensors. Requires two 10,000 Ohm thermistor temperature sensors.

The hard wire version is wired internally with large screw terminals. A corded version is also available.

Installation Manual

Heliodyne Delta T Controller

Replaces old version of Heliodyne Delta T (shown below).  Same features, new package.

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