2 June 2020
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Solar Heat Dump
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The unique passive design automatically starts dissipating heat when working fluid temperature is above 160F

Typical heat rejection is 2000W, assuming an ambient temperature of 90F and a working fluid temperature of 230F.

A worst case scenario occurs at 112F ambient temperature and a maximum working fluid temperature of 212F. Aurora's Solar Heat Dump still dissipates 1000W of heat under these conditions.

The heat dissipation is adequate for a single 4x10 panel mounted at or below 40 degrees or for two panels mounted above 40 degrees.

Reliable solder/sweat connections ensure a quick installation and a leak free system.

Heat rejection begins at 160°F.
Maximum Pressure is 150psi.
Suitable working fluids: Tap water and any ratio of propylene glycol.

Please call us for help deturmining configurations for unique applications.

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