9 April 2020
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Solar Flow Meter 3/4" solder/sweat connections
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Accurately and reliably measures the flow rate of solar hot water systems. Spring design allows meter to be mounted vertically, horizontally, or even angled. Reliable 3/4 inch brass solder/sweat unions allow for easy plumbing and servicing.

Accuracy: ±7% full scale
Repeatability: ±1% full scale
Size: 34.9 mm (1 3 /8 ") Across Flats; 184 mm (7 1 /4 ") Length
Connection: Fits 3 /4 " Nominal Copper Tubing
Max. Temp/Pressure: 220 psi @ 70°F; 80; psi @ 210°F

When the flow rate is monitored with a flow meter and temperature differential with two temperature gauges; it is easy to calculate how much energy your system is producing.

The most popular flow meter we offer is the 0.5-4 GPM range. This is the range that will be supplied unless otherwise specified.

The flow meter is avalible in many additional flow rate ranges. Select the smallest meter that includes your highest flow rate. Smaller ranges are more can measure your flow with higher accuracy. Please specify in the customer comments section on checkout if you prefer one of these other ranges.

Flow Meters Sizes
0.5-4 GPM
1.0-7 GPM
1.0-10 GPM
1.0-16 GPM 
4.0-18 GPM
4.0-28 GPM

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