9 April 2020
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Grundfos 3-Speed Circulator Pump, 1/25 HP
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The efficiency of a solar hot water system is very dependent upon having a high enough flow rate. This 1/25 HP Grundfos circulating pump is ideal for small to medium residential solar hot water systems. It can easily handle a 2 panel system with 50+ft of plumbing. If your system is larger than 3 panels we recommend our 1/6 HP Grundfos. If your system is 10 panels or larger contact us and we would be glad to help you select a pump or configuration of pumps.

Whisper-quiet operation and can be mounted right beside your hot water heater. It is so quiet that you will want to touch it to make sure it is on, but don't do it! The pump is very hot when the solar hot water is circulating through it. The Grundfos 1/25 hp circulating pump is designed to handle these operating temperatures during continuous operation. However under no circumstances should the pump be insulated.

Three different speed settings can easily be adjusted with the position switch located on the black cover. These settings can be used to save power or to set the perfect flow rate for a hydronic/radient floor heating system. The pump is rated for continuous duty 24/7/365 at all speed settings. For pump curves at the various speed settings see the Specification & Installation Manual at the bottom of the page.

Cast iron casing works well with propylene glycol and oxygen barrier systems. The corrosion inhibitors in the propylene glycol protect and oxygen barrier systems prevent the entrance of new corrosive oxygen. Thick walls allow for many years of service even in potentially corrosive environments such as drain down systems and domestic hot water.

Pump is not self priming. Do not allow to run dry, as this may cause damage to the pump. It is recommended that that pump is mounted in low spot in the plumbing, to help protect it in the event of a system leak.

115 Volts operation. This unit is easily hardwired by removing the black cover.
Integrated Check Valve prevents themo-siphon without additional parts.
Built-in electronic motor protection for long life

This pumps model number is UPS15-58FC

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