1 April 2020
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40A Photo-Voltaic Controller Display Kit
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40A charge controller with remote mounted display unit. The PVDM6 KIT consists of the PVDM6 display, the PVCM40D charge controller, Cat 5 patch cable & operators manual.

Features & Applications

  • Light-switch sized module that can be surface mounted via cutout,or electrical box mounted
  • Displays 6 battery functions: Battery voltage, Solar charge current,Accumulated solar amp-hours, Percent battery charge remaining, Battery load current, Accumulated battery amp-hours
  • Back-lit LCD for reading in dim locations
  • In-line charge controller with temperature compensation, may mount in electrical junction box
  • LED indication of solar charge and battery level status
  • Internal current shunt will handle up to 40 Amps @ 28V DC from PV panels
  • Selectable operation: sealed/flooded batteries
  • Pulse action reduces battery sulfation
Both Units
  • Fully automatic operation on 12V or 24V DC systems
  • Micro-controller for digital accuracy and reliability
  • Connect via RJ-45 jacks and Cat-5 network patch cable

See documentation for further specifications.

User Manual / Specifications

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