2 April 2020
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OutBack MATE Remote System Monitor and Controller
Price $295.00
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The OutBack MATE is a complete system controller and display for both the OutBack inverter/
charger and FX60/80 MPPT  charge controllers. It provides a display of the operation as well
as allows control and adjustment of the set points. The OutBack MATE also coordinates the
operation of the entire system to maximize performance and to prevent multiple products from

A single OutBack MATE is able to connect to multiple inverter/chargers, FX60/80
MPPT PV charge controllers and any other OutBack power conversion and control products
offered in the future. A maximum of ten OutBack products will be able to be connected to a
single MATE via Cat 5 Ethernet type cabling with 8 wire RJ45 modular connectors and the
OutBack HUB communication manager. The OutBack MATE also includes an optoisolated
RS232 port with a DB9 jack for connection to the serial port of a PC computer. The MATE2
has a flush-mount black face for panel or in-wall mounting.

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