1 April 2020
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Generator Start Controller GSCM-mini-i
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The GSCM-mini is an inexpensive programmable generator start controller with fixed thresholds.

Features & Applications
  • Inexpensive 2 wire to 3 wire start controller for electric start high speed gas generators.
  • Optimized for use with Outback Inverters.
  • Supports three types of 3 wire generator control (momentary, maintained, ignition).
  • Fixed Crank time, Over and Under Hz shutdown thresholds.
  • Optional Battery charging with fixed set points.
  • Remote Run and Fault indication included.
  • Totally sealed for harsh environment operation

The GSCM-mini is a micro-processor based generator start-stop module, designed to auto start-stop high speed gasgenerators needing a 3 wire connection from a 2 wiremanual start command.

It automatically disconnects thestarter when a minimum generator AC Hz. output ismeasured. It can also monitor the generator’s output, shuttingit down if either an over or under Hz condition is detected.

The GSCM-mini is powered by 12VDCfrom the generator battery, and can monitor the batteryvoltage and can even start the generator to charge it’s own battery!

All Thresholds are fixed for the GSCM-mini. If adjustabilityis required choose the GSCM Generator StartControl Module.

See documentation for further specifications.

User Manual / Specifications

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